Fast Linking Associative Memory Engine

Linux Labs proprietary database application is receiving a renewed level of interest as Microsoft launches "Bing" their new outsourced search engine that runs on Linux. The establishment of a new database search architecture has generated recent inquiries for F.L.A.M.E with it's unique and proprietary approach to web searches.

BlueShift Wireless Partners with Linux Labs
BlueShift Wireless embedded Linux solutions are enhanced by cluster architecture

BlueShift Wireless has determined that a scaled down version of the Linux Labs NimbusOS has created enhanced performance for their wireless access points currently being deployed for hotel and other commercial applications. The multifaceted cluster architecture of NimbusOS lends itself to the multitasking requirements for the BlueShuft access points.

Silicon Chip Benchmarking
Linux Labs built a custom application for benchmarking silicon chips

Linux Labs was recently contracted to devleop a Linux based application to establish benchmarking statistics for a major silicon chip manufacturer. The application is running on both a single node Linux Labs Supercluster and on a 20 node traditional cluster. The prototype system has been running for almost two years without incident. Linux Labs see this as an opportunity to develop additional software applications for this industry.

Tour Our Data Center
Linux Labs New Data Center is Located at 56 Marietta St, Atlanta, Ga.

Linux Labs provides a complete turnkey solution for clients who do not maintain their own data centers.This allows those clients to receive the benefits of a data center without the exorbitant expense of managing it themselves.

From the required climate control to redundant bandwidth and backup services, Linux Labs provides all the physical requirements for supercomputing in a local or distributed environment. We offer GigE bandwidth capacity for offsite applications and management, Redundant Diesel Generator and UPS Power Backup, Manned Data Center, FM-100 Fire suppression, NOC Services and Device Monitoring, Linux Experts available for hardware and software assistance.

Cluster Time Sharing

Linux Labs provides clients who do not require full-time use of an HPC Cluster the ability to buy blocks of time on their shared clusters which are located in their data center.