Making the power of high performance computing affordable.

A Linux-based cluster or supercomputer can now do the work formerly reserved for a mainframe or a specialized minicomputer more cost effectively and in an expandable architecture.

Clusters and supercomputers offer greatly improved price/performance over other traditional options, but they require the expertise of engineers and architects familiar with this industry to understand, design, build and deploy. Linux Labs knows the subtleties and complex relationships between the various hardware, software and interconnect options out of which these powerful machines are assembled.

Linux Labs International has been working with their client's custom software application requests since their inception. In the field of HPC many open source and "home grown" applications require additional development to become commercially viable. Linux Labs has become one of the top experts in Linux development and has been entrusted to complete projects as simple as some online applications to complicated clustered architectures.

Our development skills have been utilized to develop the HPC solution for benchmarking a major manufacturer's silicon chips, as well as the payload calculations for mission critical military applications. Please contact us for more info.

  • Single Node Quad Design Clusters
  • Custom Application Development & Testing
  • 1-500 Node Cluster Designs
  • All Linux based OS available including our proprietary NimbusOS
  • Trouble shooting for third party applications
  • Expertise in system repair and rebuilding older systems
  • Managed Services for systems colocated in our data center
  • Design Consulting
  • 24 x 7 Secure Private Data Center with UPS and tier 1 bandwidth
  • Extensive expertise with FDS.
  • Database programming - MySQL, PostgreSQL, FLAME (Fast Linking Associative Memory Engine)
  • SW/Firmware/Engineering - Object-Oriented Design, LinuxBIOS, device drivers, kernel
  • Myrinet and Infiniband